Monday, July 17, 2006

Dictator is dead part III

My freedom-loving brethren again I am going to repeat: I do not believe the dictator is dead! If he were do you think we would be informed in a timely manner?

My next rant is concerning the commie bloggers that are now starting to pop up in Cuba. Who are you fooling guys? We know you are working for the dictator and his cronies! You see the success of the bloggers to my right and you can't stand it.! Well we have one weapon that you do not: The Truth! I have one simple question to all those "bloggers" in Cuba:

"How is it that you have a blog, yet Farinas and Biscet are not allowed to have one or access the internet?" No amount of revolutionary jargon, portraying the U.S. as the bad guy, and 1 ruler for 47 years can justify and explain this!

FREEDOM for Cuba NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Orlando said...


I have a list of about 40 Cuban (from Cuba) bloggers, and I check on daily. I will tell that unlike us bloggers here, most of them are actually journalists. They just consitenly recycle the same all crap that you see in Granma or other castroite rag. One thing is consistent amongst all of them, and that is they do not like to being asked questions that show how repugnant the regime can get and all their failures. Actually, some have disabled the comment section of their blogs. There is no dialogue with these brainwashed souls, but I keep at it. I try not to badger those that stay away from politics.

Sr Jodio said...

It seems another one of those is popping out of the Herald,, go the spanish herald go to cuba and you wil see the new blog on the rigth. This guy does not accept comments .

Can handle the truth?