Sunday, April 20, 2014


Today we celebrate with joy that our savior had risen from the dead. Our Lord died for us and for our sins! A joyous occasion that we celebrate with family and friends...yet, today we await the resurrection of Cuba from the dead. Many have died and many have paid the ultimate price for Cuba to be FREE. Darkness and sin still reign over Cuba holding our brethren captive, but with hope and faith, the day will come that Cuba will be resurrected!
This month 14 years ago my beloved grandfather passed away and with him a little torch and yearning for Cuba to be resurrected from the dead passed away with him. I did not realize at that time, he was passing the torch of liberty, FREEDOM, and the quest for Cuba to be FREE. All those years while sitting in his rocking chair, telling my brother and I over and over again, what really happened to our family, and to our fellow brethren due to the apartheid dictatorship. We can not forget the translation service that we provided and his famous words: "Dile" and then in translation telling the culprit: "He is not happy with you!" after softening and changing the colorful language that he used!
No, he was not perfect man, he had many faults, but as my Abuelo he was perfect to me!
God bless you Abuelo and may God bless all my family and friends!


Anonymous said...

May God also Bless you, your Abuelo, Family and Friends. Viva Cuba Libre! X

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Yeah...I wish my father was here to see these days.

Anonymous said...

who cares about you and your grandfather!

St. Jose said...

God bless you.