Saturday, December 29, 2007

I am sick and tired......

I hope all of you had a MERRY CHRISTMAS! This year was special since we spent it with family for the first time in years, but one thing irritates me... We all gathered at a relatives house for a good ole fashioned Cuban style lechon! During the festivities this recent arrival from South America tries to LECTURE my father about Cuba and about the United States. Can you imagine this? He goes on how HE has visited Cuba and the very town my dear father is from and PRAISING the apartheid dictatorship and blaming the U.S. for all of Cuba's woes. My father who always has great composure(NOT me!) wen't on to basically school him about how HE is from CUBA, HE was there during the revolution, and how HE and millions of Cubans have had to endure the nightmare of an apartheid dictatorship.

That is the problem, everyone blames the U.S, yet it's the apartheid dictatorship who took power(never voted in) and took away all the FREEDOMS! Who ordered all the executions? Who ordered all those in prison simply for opposing ideas? Who instituted the ration books, Who confiscated personal properties? Who orders the brutal violence against dissidents who march peacefully?

This recent arrival comments on the beauty of this house and how HE wants to have a house like this now, not knowing the hard work and years my relatives have been busting their ass!

If you don't like the United States, then get out and go live in Cuba. Why did you come here?

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Anonymous said...

This recent arrival is like the MILLIONS OF FOOLS AROUND THE WORLD THAT STILL PRAISE the brutal dictatorship

adonde meteran sus cabezas cuando Cuba recupere su libertad?

in a toilet bowl full of it I hope