Monday, November 09, 2009

Radio Host works to build prominent memorial wall in Miami

Miami, Florida ---- The Program Director for Havana Rock, 670 AM, Enrique Pollack, is proposing that the City of Miami, Miami-Dade County or members of the private sector donate or loan a prominent parcel of land in either Bayfront Park, Watson Island or a similar place of visual impact to erect the Miami Wall for Cuban Freedom.

Cuban freedom deserves a strong focal point and thus I am encouraging artists, architects, community leaders and all Cuban exile organizations to support the Miami Wall for Cuban Freedom. The Wall would be comprised of two walls, with the Southern one being torn down, (akin to the Berlin Wall) once Cuba is free. The remaining northern Wall would be a solemn memorial artistically depicting the 50 year Cuban Diaspora: everything from rafts, cars that drive on water, Cuban ration books, and all that have died trying to reach freedom. Additionally, the memorial should focus on that which unites all Cubans, so we may begin to heal this long devide. Pollack stated, "We do not want to take anything away from the older Cuban exiles and their views on a free Cuba. This is simply an effort to have the emotion of a powerful symbol in the heart of Miami that can give Cuban Americans some equal time on the world stage and an opportunity to present a real, more reflective view of the very diverse -- and sometimes not extreme -- opinions in our community".

This proposal has sparked debate on Miami exile radio forcing many to question why, 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Cuba still remains stuck behind the Iron Curtain. However, the spark of freedom that ignited change in Eastern Europe in 1989 , can now be heard through the voices of dissident bloggers like Yoanis Sanchez and in the music of Gorki Aguila (Porno Para Ricardo). Younger Cubans are simply fed up and are speaking out against the injustice that surrounds them. Pollack also maintains that Cuban exiles are also changing and becoming more progressive on how to end the tyrannical rule of the Castro brothers. Many understand that this historic symbol could become something that visitors to Miami will consider a “must see”, akin to our own Berlin Wall/Checkpoint Charlie. In reality, Miami truly has been the West Berlin for Cubans for over 50 years.

Pollack also added, “We watched with sadness as a Che Guevara statue was erected in Central Park in New York City, can't we build a wall in Miami dedicated to Cuban Freedom? I believe that with the support of Cubans and non Cubans from all generations, we can build this wall to unite, rather than devide”.

I have written to the Mayors and the Commissions of the City of Miami and Miami-Dade County requesting their help in obtaining the parcel of land. I will be following up the letters with calls to their respective offices. For more information log onto:

For more information:
Enrique Pollack

Office 305-262-9789
Cellular 305-926-3112

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GREAT IDEA! Its about time. Why haven't we heard more about this?