Friday, October 15, 2010

The Tao of Kung Fu #1 “Fear is the only darkness”….Cuba’s communist dictatorship #1 “Instill FEAR”

As a fan and a practitioner of the martial arts, I have always loved these words of wisdom from the Kung Fu series. As a society we can learn from these words of wisdom. I would have preferred Bruce Lee as Caine, but destiny had it otherwise. In the video above we can see the Tao of Kung Fu #1.

In a reversal evil uses the reverse theology or better yet, reverse practice. of what is good for society. In Cuba’s communist dictatorship FEAR was used since the inception of the farce revolution. As soon as the unelected, fatigue wearing, carrying rifles thugs took power they used FEAR (#!) by executing (showing it on TV), and imprisoning the Cuban population.

…Stay tuned for the Tao of Kung #2 and Cuba’s communist dictatorship #2


Anonymous said...

How is it that the media can not tell the truth about Castro?

Anonymous said...

Watashi wa gakusei ga masutā ni natte iru o sanshō shite kudasai