Wednesday, March 02, 2011

"Jesse Jackson appeals to Cuba to release American"

Jesse Jackson:

"I am not making a legal case. I am making a humanitarian plea, a moral appeal," Jackson said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press. "I hope that Raul (Castro) and the governing officials see the advantage of letting him go. Every time a prisoner is let go, it opens the door for increased dialogue and possibilities."

Well....if this is a MORAL about:

Speaing against 52 year of a communist dicatatorship?

Who has run Cuba for the last 52 years?

Who is responsible for all the political prisoners and executions?

Who controls the media and all forms of communications?

Who implemented the rationing system?

Who destroyed one of the world's best sugar and coffee crops?

Who nationalized all the businesses?

Who is one of the richest person in the world, while the country is one of the poorest?

Who restricts the people on who they can associate with, what beaches they can't go to and what hotels that they are not allowed in?

Who refuses cell phones to the Cuban people?

Who refuses access to T.V stations outside of Cuba?

Who is responsible that 10% of the population has fled Cuba?

Who is responsible for the lack of food and medicine, yet they can't get any food or medicine from any country besides the U.S.?

Who is responsible that no Cuban is not allowed to own any property, yet many foreign investors have hotels in which Cubans are not allowed?

Who is responsible for no FREE elections in 52 years?

Who has erased many Cubans from history?

Who beat up the Ladies in White?

Who arrested Dr. Biscet for the simple act of disagreeing with the communist government and speaking out against abortions?

Who owns bank accounts with millions and houses throughout the world with no accountability?

Who removed Christmas and religion for many years in Cuba?

Who said he was not a communist and committed to democracy, yet installed one of the most repressive regimes in this hemisphere?

Who hates his own people and country that he destroyed everything for his own personal gain?

Who is responsible for calling others 'mafia" and yet one person and several family members have controlled everything for 52 years?

Who is responsible for all the instability in Latin America?

Who is responsible for conditions that are so bad, that many have fled on inner tubes and rafts?

Who ordered the execution of Humberto San Marin even after telling San Marin's mother not to worry, that nothing will happen to her son?

Who is responsible for the punishment pavilions used in Cuba?

Who is responsible for the use of the Ho Chi Minh poles on political prisoners?

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