Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thanks U2!!!!

One of my favorite bands U2 had a concert in Miami last night, unfortunately I could not attend due to other obligations. I was stunned to find out that they dedicated a song to Dr. Biscet.

I will leave you with this, the lyrics to my favorite song "Gloria"

I try to sing this song

I...I try to stand up

But I can't find my feet

I try, I try to speak up

But only in you I'm complete
 te domine



Oh Lord, loosen my lips

I try to sing this song

I...I try to get in

But I can't find the door

The door is open

You're standing there

You let me in te domine


Oh Lord, if I had anything

Anything at all

I'd give it to you

I'd give it to you


How many of our brothers and sisters died either by execution or as a result of the communist regime? They gave EVERYTHING they had for Our Lord standing up for what was right. All those political prisoners now giving their ALL for what is right!

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