Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Here we have a love fest article in the Associated Press in regards to Mariela Castro.  Warning***** please have an empty stomach...  please sit down before you hurt yourself, before reading the propaganda article.

I love this quote from Careaga Perez, a professor of psychology from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, on Mariela Castro:

"What she does is praiseworthy because she is a pioneer, an academic and political authority who stands up for human rights."

WHAT? Stand up for human rights???? Her father and her uncle FIFO have ruled the island for 53 YEARS reeking havoc by executing, imprisoning, and bullying the Cuban people for half a century.

Stand up for Gay rights??? Yeah right, why didn't Mariela speak up concerning REINALDO ARENAS, VIRGILIO PINERA  and  many other gay writers who were imprisoned by the Castro dictatorship simply for being gay?

Mariela only stands up for COMMUNIST......

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