Friday, June 08, 2012

Mariela Castro Interview/CNN

Very twisted and misleading interview, particularly for those who are not well informed about the totalitarian Cuban dictatorship. Amanpour is offering the daughter of a systematic criminal and a thief an opportunity to publicize, through a widely watched media network, the same propaganda the regime repeats ad nauseam and which she was programmed to divulge in this trip to the U.S.
So there are economic changes in Cuba with Raul Castro?
So gay rights open up the road for broader civil rights?
So the lifting of the embargo will provide Cuba with the opportunity to be more democratic?
After 53 years of witnessing the moral and physical destruction of my homeland as well as the assassination, imprisonment and suffering of an entire nation, including my family, this interview is a lack of respect to Cubans and to the concept of freedom, justice and human rights around the world.
Laida A. Carro
Coalition of Cuban-American Women

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