Sunday, October 26, 2014

Should I continue?

Sometimes I wonder if it's worth it doing this blog? Am I just simply preaching to the choir? I ask myself this question every once in a while. Last several discussions  with really nice people on the topic of Cuba(they asked me...I did not bring it up). I briefly told them how my family suffered under the communist dictatorship, and in general they agree that what happened was terrible. Now, what usually happens next always mystifies me; First, they ask me if I have visited Cuba lately, and the next question or comment that follows: "I heard the medicine in Cuba is great."  say what?? Were you not listening? MAYBE the PROPAGANDA(lies) for the last 55 years have been repeated so much everyone believes it to be true.

YET,  the ill informed never have heard of the actual atrocities or the Cuban reality. Today  an article in the Miami Herald, details an account from an actual political prisoner(actual pictures) how castro put dynamite under a prison that held political prisoners.

Thousands of more accounts, yet no one seems to listen...

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