Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Cuba News-Herbert Matthews style!!!

The last 2 weeks the AP, media, etc have non stop articles concerning the USAID supposedly infiltrating Cuba's hip-hop scene and how the embargo should be stopped. EVERYTHING NEGATIVE about the U.S. BUT not one PEEP about the atrocities of the last 55 years in Cuba.
Straight out of the Herbert Matthews style of journalism. Herbert's crack journalism can be remembered for his famous quotes"Senor Castro, who is offering a new deal for Cuba, radical, democratic, and therefore anti-communist"
History has shown that Uncle Fifo was a communist from the beginning and that Cuba is a communist country.  So all the crack journalism about Cuba and Cuba "experts" we are to believe or is it that they have a SPECIFIC AGENDA to push?
Associated Press via Yahoo! News Dec 11 08:04pm
HAVANA (AP) — A U.S. agency's secret infiltration of Cuba's underground hip-hop scene to spark a youth movement against the government was "reckless" and "stupid," Sen. Patrick Leahy said Thursday after The Associated Press revealed the operation
Associated Press via Yahoo! News Dec 11 11:30am
HAVANA (AP) — For more than two years, a U.S. agency secretly infiltrated Cuba's underground hip-hop movement, recruiting unwitting rappers to spark a youth movement against the government, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press.

U.S. infiltrated Cuba's hip-hop scene to spark change

CBS News Dec 11 08:01am
AP: Documents show that contractors working for USAID kept putting themselves and unwitting Cubans at risk

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