Saturday, January 17, 2015

The propaganda is in full gear: "Cuba's squeaky -clean image"

I open the Miami Herald this morning and on the first page a post titled  " Relaxed travel rules may be test for Cuba's squeaky-clean image."

We are talking about Cuba, a communist dictatorship  police state!!!!!  Executions, political prisoners, beating up the ladies in white on the way to church, and no worries for the American tourist? According to this article you can walk down any street late at night with your gold chains, thousands of dollars in your pocket, and you will not be robbed or killed! Third LOWEST  homicide rate in this hemisphere boasts this drivel.

One tinny, tiny thing.......Cuba DOES NOT REPORT its crime statistics in which this article pointed out!!

It's sickening to see blatant self serving propaganda just to advance specific agendas in regards to travel to Cuba.

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