Monday, February 16, 2015

Historic??? "Conan Storms Cuba Ahead Of Late-Night Competitors"

Sound the trumphets..........drum roll please.......The media and the late night show business is all abuzz about Conan O’Brien's show being filmed in Cuba.

Historic?? according to whom?

 This doesn't mean anything to the average Cuban in Cuba or the millions of Cubans in exile.

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EXCLUSIVE: Jimmy Fallon may have taken NBC’s Tonight Show to Phoenix and Los Angeles – but Conan’s in Cuba

The episode is intended to give O’Brien’s audience a rare glimpse into Cuban daily life, said show representatives in confirming the report to Deadline.
O’Brien’s show is known for its road trips, having previously filmed in Ireland, Finland, and Toronto as well as New York, Chicago, Dallas and Atlanta. His remotes are a signature thing, including last week when O’Brien and Steven Yuen visited a Korean spa, and that Lyft ride Conan took through Hollywood with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart that went viral late last year.
In December, President Obama announced he would normalize relations with Cuba, despite continued criticism from hardliners particularly in South Florida’s fiercely conservative Cuban expat community.
Scott Pelley also made news that day when he anchored the CBS Evening News from Cuba, detailing for viewers the new rules loosening trade and travel restrictions that are part of the normalization push after a half-century of isolation and sanctions against the communist country. Conservatives also complained that Obama excessively used his presidential executive authority to achieve a policy goal without involving Congress.
NBC’s Brian Williams and ABC’s David Muir followed Pelley to Cuba the next month. And now, Conan’s making late-night history.
Conan’s been talking about traveling to Cuba for a couple of months. He waited until now to go film the episode because his show does not do a live episode on President’s Day, giving him the needed travel time for the trip.

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