Monday, December 28, 2015

"Kayaking From Cuba To Florida With Gizmodo"

Came across this article concerning Brent Rose Kayaking from Cuba to Florida. He goes on with his trials and tribulations concerning the Kayaking trip. He shows on his instagram the blisters he obtained on his journey and nonchalantly stating: "Again, we know that hundreds of Cuban refugees have made this crossing before us"

Hundreds???? Really?????? Why don't you try THOUSANDS!!!!!!! I'm sorry you obtained blisters what about the thousands who have fled the tropical utopia and the thousands who have DIED making the journey from Cuba to the US on homemade rafts and inner tubes????

Sorry about your FREAKING blisters chico!!!

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Anonymous said...

ciò che la dittatura di Castro e le atrocità degli ultimi 57 anni?