Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Dictator Maduro urges "Urban farming" in Venezuela......straight out of the Cuban playbook!

Dictator Maduro is calling for " food sovereignty" in Venezuela or Urban farming, because THAT will solve the food crisis in Venezuela. Hold on mi pana.......We Cubans have HEARD this before, the ALL KNOWING dictator of Cuba tried to do this in Cuba and it was a complete failure, along with the other schemes. Dictator Maduro is making his moves STRAIGHT out the Cuban playbook! Of course the Cuban dictator is the quarterback and calling the plays:

Play 666:

Audible: Guaguero 666

"Down with Yankee imperialism

Set up agrarian reforms everywhere, imprison or beat up the opposition, have the Cuban dictatorship control everything, shift the blame...

Hut, hut."

P.S.  Have Jamie Foxx and Danny Glover run the Urban farming initiative for Dictator Maduro!

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Anonymous said...

LMAO: "Audible: Guaguero 666"