Thursday, June 29, 2006

Real questions for Lucia Newman

After reading this interview with Lucia Newman, we decided to ask this "jewel of truth" journalist our own questions. Now bare in mind, no softball questions or "Tricky Ricky" Alarcon controlling the questions or format. Simply some FREEDOM fighting bloggers and concerned citizens with questions:

Why all those years in Cuba you never reported anything concerning the political prisoners?------El Cafe Cubano

You mentioned that they never censored you, yet you never asked anyone in the dictatorship: Why no elections in 47 years? Why didn't you ask about the lack of freedom of press? Did you ever question the apartheid of Cuban citizens? Did you really leave or were you forced out because you reported about Farinas? Why first Cuba and then Al Jazeera two beacons for terrorism?----El Cafe Cubano

I read an interview she gave talking about her years as CNN reporter in Havana. My question to her is this. Why would you spend so many years doing a job that requires dishonesty and collaboration with a murderous dictator and does it bother you that your work contributed to the suffering of Cubans, both on the island and in exile? ----Blog For Cuba

Preguntale pq ella nunca cubrio sobre los presos politicios cubanos,como elias biscet entre otros,porque el silencio? porque permitio trabajar censurada aunque ella no lo admita.-Annonymous

Castro's government has outlasted 10 U.S. presidents, all of whom predicted that it would fall soon. Why, you as a responsible journalist failed to report the truth? ---Alex at Ya No Mas

How was your lifestyle in Cuba? Did you suffer any inconveniences because of the embargo -- compared to your other assignments? Be honest.--- Alex at Ya No Mas

When she left her assignment in Mexico City several years ago she said she was happy to be getting out of there because the pollution was affecting her asthmatic daughter. I wonder what she feels about the pollution in Havana? ---Cuban-American Pundit

Alguna vez la Sra Newman hizo algun tipo de reportaje sobre el fusilamiento -arbitrario- de aquellos tres jovenes negros que fueron apresados cuando intentaban llevarse una embarcacion, y las declaraciones de Castro:  Esos fusilamientos se habian llevado a cabo como ESCARMIENTO para la poblacion? Yo creo que ella nunca escribió acerca de la "justicia revolucionaria". Sra Newman: Por que calló? Tenia tema aqui, si o no? --- Mike B


Anonymous said...

Read this link...About Lucia Newman.


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