Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The sky is falling....

well maybe it is or maybe it's not... but all this finger pointing makes me sick. We all are at fault in this financial crises. It is sickening to see barney frank and others just spreading the blame(Especially on the republicans). While AIG executives were getting the SPA treatment($23, 380 worth, click on title for story) right after the bailout, the sky is falling crowd wanted to rush, rush, and rush this bailout plan without any safeguards or accountability.
These are dangerous times and we better watch out, because at times like this opportunist take over. I am soooo afraid that we are letting the communist roll right in... don't laugh

It happened in Russia, China, Vietnam, Cuba, Nicaragua, and in Venezuela...history keeps repeating itself.

Wake up America...let's get back to the basics of praying, hoping and putting our trust in GOD!


buck said...


In case you have not noticed: THE SKY IS FALLING! Next item to help the economy is to remove all Cuban exiles from the United States!you would be first in line to go.haha

Alfredo said...

God bless you buckette and have a nice day!

Alfredo said...


do we want to talk about your here in the U.S. on a student visa?