Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's the plumber!

History keeps repeating itself! For over 51 years Cuban exiles have been warning about the evils of communism and are met with silence and disdain. I remember vividly as a teenager, a certain individual from Venezuela living in the United States lecturing my father about communism and it's virtues(NEVER ex perienced it first hand). He thought my father and Cubans in general were a bit fanatical when it came to the dictatorship. I remember being laughed out of a room while visiting in a certain country and warning them about how the FARC were backed and financed by the dictator in Cuba.
I quietly remarked about if we are not careful here in the U.S., we soon will go down the path of socialism. "you are crazy Alfredo, it can never happen here!"

What's happened with the banks and now with General Motors is not a warning...then call me crazy!!!

Now we are going down a path of socialized(Obamacized) healthcare and many are still just oblivious to what this will do to our precious USA!

I will leave you with this:
It reminds me of a old Alvarez Guedes joke, I am going to try to do it justice in English so here it goes: A plumber knocks on the door and a parrot inside says: " who is it?" the plumber replies: " The plumber." Nothing happens, again he knocks on the door, "who is it?" "The plumber" again nothing. This keeps going on and the plumber one last time knocks on the door, "who is it?" "It's the plumber CO~NNNOOO!" the plumber faints, and at the the same time the owner of the house arrives through the back, opens the front door and says: "who is this?"the parrot replies: "The plumber CO~NNNOOO!"
It's communism CO~NNOOOO!

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Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

I think I remember giving a warning or two recently about collectivism in America. But lots of people called me crazy too and some would be Social Security recipients actually got mad at me for pointing out their collectivist ways.