Sunday, March 28, 2010

La Paz

Remember the "kumbaya concert" held in Cuba by Juanes? Nothing changed in Cuba...raulita continued his "raulitalization" of Cuba by beating up ladies simply for marching for peace and for the release of the political prisoners in Cuba! Remember the continued use of the word "paz" during the concert, but the thug dictatorship purposely lets Orlando Zapata Tamayo die in a hunger strike??

Now let's fast forward to this past Thursday, March 25, 2010 and thousands march in Miami all dressed in white supporting the "Damas de Blanco" in Cuba, where to be found : Olga Tanon, JuanesAmaury PerezCuca Diamantes, and Miguel Bose??????

Just thinking out loud folks...very interesting....are they really for peace???

Juanes Disclaimer****** This blog is by no means meant to be political in any way, even though this blog is fiercly anti-communist, anti-castro, PRO DEMOCRACY, and PRO FREEDOM. I REPEAT this blog is not to be taken as political and is to be taken as a symbol of peace.


Anonymous said...

Juanes Disclaimer...LOL

Fed up with alfredo said...

El cafe gusano..

shut up, please spare me the crazy imperialistic cuban illegal exile crap!

Alfredo said...

Fed up with Alfredo,

so your basically saying that you are against FREEDOM and for beating up ladies dressed in white peacefully demonstrating?