Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I am so blessed

Lately life has thrown me many curveballs and I have to admit I have been really stressed and down. I use to hate the saying : "Things happen for us reason" and not really think about the events and the people that the good Lord puts in our path. As I get older, the realization sets in that WE really don't know anything and THINGS happen for a reason and certain EVENTS happen for a reason. GOD has blessed me with people who have deeply touched my life. Growing up certain people influenced me tremendously on the value of faith, family, friendship, and tradition. One person in particular constantly brought joy and laughter every time we were blessed with his presence. Every time Chucho came to our house he yelled out "CAFE" and "JOOEEEEE." He constantly had my parents in tears of joy after his stories. I can't forget on our wedding day Aunt Betty taking care of the situation with my wife's dress and Chucho taking care of the bum who tried to disrupt our wedding!!

Thank you Chucho for everything, love you very much and may you rest in peace.


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