Sunday, January 30, 2011

Deeply saddened and troubled!

A definition of jealousy from webster dictionary:

1: a jealous disposition, attitude, or feeling

2: zealous vigilance

Synonyms: covetousness, enviousness, green-eyed monster, invidiousness, envy, resentment

 Jealousy..a trait found amoungst many communist and others who envy those who have found some joy in some aspect of their lives.

God has blessed me with a BEAUTIFUL family and GREAT friends and I am eternally gratefull, but with the small joy that I have been blessed with, comes a deep resentment from someone from the outside, but who is very close to us...

A simple message: YOU have no clue what we have been through, you will never know all the heartaches we have suffered and the TRUE MEANING of sacrifice. 



Anonymous said...

Sorry Alfredo, sometimes our closest friends are our worst enemies, hope you are not dealing with a psycho and can remove him/her from your lives without too much trauma.

el cubiche said...

que paso Alfredo?

Alfredo said...

Cubiche and annony,

u can pick your friends-LOL....

Fantomas said...

alfredo que paso

call me