Monday, January 03, 2011

Is it me??

I get up on Sunday morning, full of promise and hope, and I proceed to get my required daily dose of Cuban coffee. I sit down to read the newspaper, but...but..before I sit down, our oldest daughter...out of nowhere...rushes up to me and she says: "Have you seen the photos.." as if to warn me(she's worried about my blood presure), but before she she finishes her sentence...I glance at the photos and the article "New photos show a young Fidel Castro"

I start to cago... I stop and I start thinking why did they publish this NOW on January 2nd starting out a new year? The revolution is DEAD.....DIED A LONG TIME AGO....THE COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIP DOES NOT can't even photoshop Fifo anymore to make him look good!!!

I am starting to think.....well maybe I am being to sensitive.....sooooo today I am surfing the internet and I come across this article:  "At Miami restaurant, the last of a generation cry, laugh and lament over Cuba"  

I start to jod..

Photos of a young and vibrant dictator, BUT ALL Cuban exiles are OLD and the younger generations: "Cuban-American community is changing. Younger generations and newer immigrants tend to be less Republican. Many were born in the United States and have never been to Cuba. Some don't even speak Spanish." we go again. It's only the third day of the new year and the media is already working to conjure up that the revolution is still young and vibrant.....and that they REALLY had good intentions.....but Cuban exiles and their cause is old and outdated?????



My father's generation, I consider the greatest generation in the struggle for Cuba's FREEDOM, but MY generation and my kids generation still CARRY the torch for a FREE CUBA(and...they even speak SPANISH!)

and by the WAY....Cuba's FREEDOM is NOT a republican or a democrat's just the right thing!!!!!

Am I wrong?

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