Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"An end to classic cars rumbling across Cuba?"

I came across this article several days ago and of course I mumbled some vulgarities on how dumb the media is concerning Cuba. I decided not to dwell on it, but something inside of me told me NOT to let this one slide by......

So having classic cars around is more important than FREEDOM for the Cuban people? I can't count how many time people have ushered their opinion on what a shame if all those classic cars would go away if change occurs in Cuba, a virtual gold mine for classic car collectors! An easy statement to make for those who have NOT suffered under the castro dictatorship.

You have to be a total idiot or YOU just don't care about the Cuban people.

It's been 52 years of a DICTATORSHIP, the revolution has been a TOTAL FAILURE, the castro mafia brothers have virtually destroyed Cuba, CHANGE has not occurred, and  ANOTHER CASTRO IS IN POWER!

I wish the clueless media STOP fabricating articles that tends to tilt in favor of the communist dictatorship.

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