Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ricardo "Tricky Ricky" Alarcon upset over verdict in Posada trial

The Cuban dictatorship and Ricardo"Tricky Ricky" Alarcon are having a hissy fit because THEY did not get their way in regards to the Posada trial. The Cuban dictatorship only knows one word "GUILTY" in regards to their shams of so called trials in Cuba. Now they are crying all to the APP and all over the media WHILE THEY repress their own people in Cuba in regards to the press and internet.

"Tricky Ricky" always the whiner:

"The US government is as much a liar as he is because it converted a killer who has been sought for decades into a simple old liar

Excuse me Tricky.....You and the dictatorship have LIED to the Cuban people and the world for 52 years! We would love to SEE YOU on trial for all the atrocities inflicted on the Cuban people by YOU and the dictatorship.

So.....SHUT UP!!!!!!

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tricky ricky-LOL