Friday, May 20, 2011

Never give up!

This video comes via Alberto at Babalu.

A wake up call for me and all of us FREEDOM loving people. The last several days I was contemplating on shutting down El Cafe Cubano. Preaching to the choir is very easy, but the earie silence and the who cares attitude of most when it comes to Cuba does take its toll. The emails calling me every name in the book, do sting, and the constant criticism from some in the choir on HOW I should do things(YET THEY DO NOTHING) really hurt. I wonder sometimes is it worth it laboring every day for years?

Seriously.. I considered closing El Cafe Cubano today, but I was quickly reminded today: May 20, the birth of the Republic of Cuba! Not only that, the video above shows the bravery and the risk involved for this man for the FREEDOM of Cuba.

My freedom-loving brethren I am sorry for acting selfish. Our brothers and sisters in Cuba need our help! The political prisoners need the help of our FREEDOM FIGHTERS! For all those that have died, for all those who suffer under the brutality of communism. The FREEDOM FIGHTERS will be there! We will never give up!!!!

My promise continues!!

God bless you mis hermanos!!!!!


Anonymous said...

give up gusano u suck!

Alfredo said...

wow....that's all you can come up with? How original-LOL