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Their clothes were ripped off and they were dragged half naked by a paramilitary mob that beat, kicked, spit, scratched, pushed, and pulled their hair

August 18, 2011

In the streets of Neptuno and Hospital, at around 4:30 P.M., mobs instigated by the Cuban regime brutally attacked a group of almost fifty pro democracy women dressed in white as they were about to march through the streets of Havana to advocate on behalf of Cuban political prisoners and the freedom of all Cubans.

As the “Ladies in White” set off from the house of Laura Pollan located at Calle Neptuno No. 963 between Aranburen and Hospital, following their monthly “Literary Tea”, they were dragged, beaten, kicked, spit upon, scratched, pushed, and had their hair pulled as well as their clothes ripped off by paramilitary mobs. The violence forced them back inside the home they consider their headquarters.

Also, the following eight women were detained as they were on their way to Pollan’s home to attend the meeting they hold the 18th of every month: Sara Martha Fonseca, Idalmis Ramirez, Odalis Izarza, Cristina Duquezne, Ivon Mayesa, Mercedes Fresneda,Rosario Morales, Yanelis Rey.

In Cuba, violence against human rights defenders and particularly against the Ladies in White has escalated to acts of brutality following a speech given by Raul Castro at the VI Congress of the Cuban Communist Party held in April 2011, were he stated that: “…we will never deny the people the right to defend the Revolution, since the defense of independence and of the gains of socialism, as well as of our plazas and streets, will continue to be the first duty of every Cuban patriot.”

The Ladies in White are asking that the Cuban regime put a stop to the violent repression and requested the Pope’s intercession in this critical matter.

The Coalition of Cuban-American Women denounces the increase of these cruel and degrading acts committed by the Cuban regime against their own people and makes an urgent call to the press and to non-governmental organizations dedicated to the defense of human rights worldwide, as well as to women in positions of leadership in religious, political, educational, social, and cultural institutions.


Laura Pollan – ( + 53 7 8734165) or ( + 53 5 2457830) / Berta Soler – ( + 53 5 2906820 )

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