Thursday, August 11, 2011

"People-to-people tours to Cuba take off Thursday"

Liane and Tom Young will be one of those to particpate in the people-to-people exchanges. They are scheduled to take off today towards Cuba's communist dictatorship. Now folks I am not making this up...a little background on the Young's according to this Miami Herald  article:

"became interested in Cuba while listening to the Buena Vista Social Club"

"My husband and I think this is a fabulous opportunity to get to know the Cuban people,’’

"Young, who is retired but working on a screenplay, and her husband, a small-scale organic farmer" they are SUPPOSE to MEET with ORDINARY Cubans right? So let's take a little looksy at their itinerary:

"A sample itinerary for the trip she is taking includes stops in Old Havana, Cathedral Square and museums as well as visits to schools, an orphanage and Callejón del Hamel, a community art and cultural project where tour participants will meet with Afro-Cuban artists. The trip is also supposed to include sitting in on a meeting of a neighborhood Committee for the Defense of the Revolution, chats with tobacco farmers and possibly catching a baseball game of Havana’s Industriales team."

Yeah.....Ordinary Cubans especially with the Committee for the Defense of the Revolution! Again this smells like some organic material!!!!!!!!

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