Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lefties talk the talk, BUT DON'T WALK THE WALK

Check out Michael" I love Cuba's healthcare system" Moore's SUMMER home in the above picture. He wants you to believe that he is NOT in the 1% of Americans as he says who have all the wealth, yet.......he has this summer home, that most of us can ever dream about and he is worth 50 million! He wants to project an image that he is JUST like the Occupy America protestors. Michael probably showed up to the protest in a limo.

Just like Fidel tried to project that he was an ordinary Cuban and was for the poor.....NEWSFLASH...Fidel and Raul's father was one of the wealthiest guys on the island folks, Fidel went to the elite of the elite schools. He still lives in a lap of luxury, yet he denies this to ordinary Cubans.

Remember the poster child for the left, leche Guevera? Yep, another elitist rich, spoiled, elitist brat promoting the absurd ideology of marxism and encouraging hatred amongst one another.

In history, tryrants, dictators, lefties, all seem to talk the talk, but NEVER walk the walk, when it comes to their absurd ideology


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we need to redistribute his wealth and food supplies!