Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Inspector Clouseau to lead the UN weapons cargo inspection of Cuban ship......updated********

El Cafe Cubano has learned that Inspector Clouseau will be the lead investigator for the UN. The good inspector will lead a team to "FACT FINDING"  mission concerning the Cuban ship that was found in Panama to have "240 tons of weaponry"

-Early indications from investigations are that Cuba and North Korea have absolutely NO CONNECTION to each other. This leaked while the team was blowing out candles on a cake celebrating the dictator of Cuba's birthday

-Possible leads could put the blame on the Cuban exiles and the political prisoners held in Cuba.

more to come.......


Inspector Clouseau and the crack fact finding team from the U.N have found:

-Cuban exiles are responsible for the chemical weapons in Syria

-"What weapons???????

-El general Pedro Mendiondo  had NOTHING to do with the the weapons and the accident in Cuba resulting in his death was just another coincidinki.

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