Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cuba...Diana Nyad......Surf



Knee to waist high SE short period wind swell in the morning builds in the afternoon with occasional sets up to chest high


Clean with E winds 10-15mph in the morning increasing to 15-20mph in the afternoon.

My FREEDOM loving brethren......That above was the Surf report for Cabo De SanAntonio in Cuba this morning.
Diana Nyad got her "XTREME" dream of swimming from Cuba to Florida...... and we have to wonder what line she had to tote to get that opportunity. A vast majority of the media gobbling it up as "wonderful"  or "inspirational." it is a remarkable physical feat but......................
One of my "XTREME' dreams is that of seeing Cuba FREE, my brethren in Cuba being able to express themselves FREELY, and to elect leaders FREELY. Part of my insane or "XTREME" dream is to surf in Cuba......but...but....you see I do NOT tote the official line of the dictatorship. I can NOT surf in Cuba until my brethren in Cuba are FREE
I have been blessed to surf all over Florida, to surf in Hawaii, and in South America.......
but it would be really  "XTREME" to paddle out and surf during a EARLY morning dawn patrol with my kids at Varadero .......and finally YELLING: "VIVA CUBA LIBRE".....knowing that my brethren are FREE!
Hopefully... the day will come that ALL Cubans will be blessed with the gift of FREEDOM!!!
Now that's "XTREME" dude!!!!!

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