Friday, October 18, 2013

Rumor Friday

Here is the latest installment of Rumor Friday:

The Cuban dictatorship proclaimed that the government shutdown in the USA was due to the Embargo and the Cuban exiles.......

Catholic Church opens business classes in Cuba ,but says asking for FREE Elections, FREEDOM of speech, FREEDOM of Association is really out of the question.........officials again blame the lack of FREEDOM on the embargo and the exiles.

Ricardo "Tricky Ricky" Alarcon is rumored to wanting to leave the island and head for Tampa, Fl. He wants to hit ALL the talk shows, mingle with the gusanos, and spill the beans.......he was one of the first to enroll in the business class by the Catholic Church to concentrate on journalism.

A Cuban citizen was seen riding a bike with a Cafe Cubano T-shirt in Havana.....

Cuban officials are baffled......"What weapons found in Panama?" Cuban officials went on to say it was because of the EMBARGO and those pesky exiles.

Cuban officials will wear military uniforms and fatigues for their annual halloween costume party.....and their theme: "TRICK, TRICK, and blame eveything on those exiles"

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