Thursday, July 02, 2015

"Hollywood Insiders Descend on Havana"

That's the problem.....every time their is a article or post about people visiting Cuba, the first picture you get is that of them riding in a "classic" car in Havana and making the obligatory stop at Ernest Hemingway’s former home.

Do I have to do a post titled: " Cuba for Dummies?"

Apparently they have not read: "The top 10 things to do when visiting Cuba"

They are riding in classic cars, because that's ALL that the FREAKING Cubans have!!!! No ADVANCEMENT in the last 56 years!!!!! It's ALL because of the DICTATOR BROTHERS have destroyed Cuba.

NOT the Cuban exiles
NOT Global warming
NOT Miami
NOT the American politicians who are of Cuban descent
NOT because Cubans are NOT allowed in the exclusive "Latino" Club

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