Sunday, September 20, 2015

HISTORIC Coverage of the Pope's visit to Cuba!

As with many Cubans, I have been preparing myself for the media coverage of the Pope's visit to Cuba for some time. I have to give a big THANKS to EWTN for telling the truth about the Cuban reality. They correctly stated that this is a communist dictatorship and how much the Cuban people have suffered, and how Cuban exiles are falsely portrayed!!!

Then while channel surfing all day and checking out Univision(Jorge Ramosvision) and Telemundo, again disgust and sadness sets in. On Telemundo we had to hear some reporter(not even Cuban) going on and on on how he gave the Pope a trophy or an award of some sort. NEVER MIND the Cuban situation brother, and just how HISTORIC it is that YOU are reporting from Havana. We also had to stomach a reporter from Univision gushing about the image of Christ being alongside the Image of Che! If you were to listen the "LATINO" stations you would think the Pope's visit was about Colombia and NOT Cuba!

As a Catholic again I want to say THANKS to EWTN!!!!

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