Thursday, September 10, 2015

Historic view of Cubans

The word "historic" is being thrown around a thousand times in regards to the opening of the embassies and the Pope's visit to Cuba. Most people are clueless in regards to Cuba, Cuban exiles, and the reality of the dictatorship in Cuba. It seems that the Godfather movie is the "authentic" source for many concerning Cuba BD(Before Dictator) and the movie Scarface for Cubans here in the US.

I never forget this incident that happened to me when I was a teenager, and how clueless this person and how many are concerning the Cuban reality! I was riding in a car on way to our High School basketball game, and the Mom who was driving starts to quiz me(4 others teammates in the car) and asked me sternly : "What are you?" I replied "AMERICAN!"  she answers with an angry tone, NO,NO, NO WHAT ARE YOU? Knowing what she was trying to get at, I reply: "Cuban"  her face now takes on a weird contortion and she starts going on how Cuba before the dictator was a mafia haven, Cubans were snooty and all worked for the mobsters, all filthy rich, and that all Cuban women were whores. She was basically repeating the FALSE dictatorship mantra. I'm  sitting here in the back seat of her car shocked. I tried to tell her of the reality, and what my family went through, and she would NOT have any of that!

At that MOMENT, as said to myself, REALLY lady?

She was driving a BMW, she was a housewife NOT WORKING, lecturing me about Cubans,

WHILE, my mom worked 6:00AM to 6:00PM every day, and many times worked a second job on the weekends. My father the same, and for YEARS he would take on part time jobs, on top of his JOB working late. My dad for years drove a VW bug that had no back floor on the rear and we could see the road, BUT THEY SACRIFICED everything for us!!!!  Apparently we and the millions of Cubans in exile were living off the millions we supposedly had working for the mafia in Cuba? Apparently my family DESERVED everything that happened to them for simply NOT believing in the absurd ideology of communism?

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