Thursday, March 10, 2016

Did Mayor Clint Johnson read El Cafe Cubano "Top Ten Things to do in Cuba?"

Did Mayor Clint Johnson read El Cafe Cubano's Top 10 things to do when you visit Cuba? Item number 6 on the list states:

6) You want something REALLY Authentic: Get some rafts, inner tubes, or any floatation device, and at the crack of dawn, take to the water, and for kicks, see how long it takes you to get to Miami!!!

The mayor of DeBary, Fla., wants to do something similar by making a homemade raft in Cuba, and then rowing back 90 miles to Miami. Why? Is this some new reality show Cuban rafters? Any way to make this more authentic, El cafe Cubano has a few suggestions:

-While in Cuba building your raft, criticize the Cuban dictatorship for kicks and let the security apparatus know the exact escape plan!

-March with the Damas de Blanco on a Sunday

-If you encounter any problems while floating around, NO HELP from the Coast Guard or anyone,to get that real AUTHENTIC BALSERO FEEL.

-NO MEDIA COVERAGE PLEASE or some reality show with a nauseating moderator blaming all of Cuba's ills on the embargo

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