Sunday, September 11, 2005

Commie 101
Commie propaganda is full of slogans and code words to try to confuse the public. Now to Cuban-Americans or those who have lived through the horrors of communism, you know well commie speak. This commie to real definition list is to decipher the propaganda that will come out next week. It is really quiet now, but wait, the fan brigade will soon start.
So here is a few examples of Commie 101: (Commie words first and then the real definition)

21st Century Socialism-(We need to get back to the Old style of Lenin and Mao)

Nationalization-(steal all the banks, business, and property)

We are for the poor-(Everyone will be poor, except Castro, Chavez and Government elite)

President Castro-(Dictator Castro who has never been elected to office)

The Revolution-( The term they continually use to justify all the atrocities)

The Motorcycle Diaries-( I am rich kid bumming through South America and I really did not know how to ride a motorcycle)

Socialism-( As the late Guillermo Cabrera stated: "The price of socialism is slavery, brutality, and death-all in the name of man.")

Free Healthcare-(Healthcare for the elite government and tourist with$$$$, not everyone else)

More Commie 101 to come.....

Just thinking that all the brigades will start using the communist playbook, revolutionary sound bites, and ryhmes. As in Jesse Jackson style and before he comes out with his ryhmes here is a sampling of the El Cafe Cubano protest slogans:
" If Cuba is so great, why do they all want to vacate."
" Free healthcare, so why all the despair."
" Castro lives like a king, but the Cuban people have nothing."
" Everyone wants to trade, but no one wants to aide"
" Florida recount, Carter is in Venezuela one day and out"
" Castro supporters how you flex, where did you get your rolex."
" Many have tried to shut us up, but we will never give up!"


Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE this post.. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Free healthcare sure would be nice as we are in a major crisis with rising health care costs.