Monday, September 19, 2005

KGB Documents

A new book is out detailing some juicy KGB documents. Castro wanted to redeploy atomic weapons in Cuba 19 years after the cuban missile crisis. For all my brethren from Nicaragua some interesting information(probably no surprise):
- Carlos Fonseca, founder of Nicaragua's Sandinista National Liberation Front, was ''a trusted KGB agent'' code-named GIDROLOG.
- Nicaraguan Manuel Andara y Ubeda was a KGB agent who led a group of Sandinistas tasked by Moscow in the late 1960s to scope out the U.S. border with Mexico for possible targets for KGB sabotage teams.

A friend of mine let me borrow a book titled: " Nicaragua Betrayed" which goes into detail how the KGB(Castro) were behind the Sandinistas, the atrocities that the Sandinistas committed, and basically how Jimmy Carter handed over Nicaragua to the Sandinistas.

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