Friday, September 30, 2005

Convocation Speech with Jesus Reference Sparks Controversy at Dartmouth College

Can not mention Jesus? I am sure if he quoted some marxism revolutionary nonsense, while wearing a Che Guevera t-shirt that would follow proper procedure. What is wrong with our society that our Lord Jesus Christ is banned everywhere? Communism is creaping into the fabric of our society!

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Anonymous said...

That is aim of a socialist takeover, remove God as the supreme being and replace it with "Father Fidel" Just look at the Cuban revolution. Fidel had long hair and beard to look christ like and many inferences were made after the dove landed on his shoulders making it divine like.(This probably was staged) My parents recall that early in the revolution in school they would tell the children: "Ask God for candy" of course nothing happened, "now ask Fidel for candy" of course the soldiers would come in and the brainwashing began. God being removed from society. Now the sandinistas confused many by using liberation theology mixing catholicism with marxism.