Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Everything is so quiet

Cardinal Renato Martino is in Cuba today and it's so quiet. I hope he mentions all the political prisoners, lack of freedom, and lack of free press. What about the hunger strikes? No, not that of Sadam Hussien and those that the press mentions.
I have a proposal my freedom loving brethren. Since the Cardinal is in Cuba for 2 days, let's show support for our brothers in Cuba by our own "hunger strike" or "fasting" for these 2 days. No press or anything, just our own personal decision on what we can do. The good Lord will see our gesture.
Let's show solidarity and support for those who are risking their life!


ziva said...

I like this idea a lot Alfredo. I think we should declare two days of fasting and praying in support of the dissidents and human rights for all citizens of Cuba. It doesn't matter what religion you are, God will hear us. Great idea!

Anonymous said...

While the Cardinal is in Cuba today, two known terrorist and communist are in Cuba for get this:Peace talks(Yeah right!)Where is the outrage? I will join the fast for my Cuban friends and add to the cause: Freedom from the communist guerrilla soldiers in Colombia and communism spreading through Latin-America.

El Cartagenero

Alfredo said...

Mi hermano cartagenero, it goes to show you that the media is all over the 2 communist guerilla thugs, but not a peep concerning the visit from the Cardinal. The people of Cuba don't even know that he is there. Now you understand our frustration?