Sunday, February 12, 2006

No matter how you slice it up!

Just wondering why the MSM is totally oblivious to the real situation in Cuba and clueless when it comes to Cuban-Americans? I don't have an answer, but as the years pass by you get the feeling that it's not ignorance, but a cold calculated effort to help the dictatorship. What else could it be? Communist supporting communist. What they don't understand and what they underestimate is that no matter how they try to slice us up, we still bleed freedom, coffee, sugar cane, music, sense of humor, pride, and our dedication. The lefties have tried to destroy this for the last 47 years, but they will never, ever be able to completely destroy us, because God made us unique and it's a God given right to be FREE. You see Cuba is in our blood and in our hearts you evil commies, that you will never, ever take from us!

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Anonymous said...

Excellent! very moving just wished everyone had your passion. Keep on my Cubiche freedom fighter