Saturday, February 18, 2006

Message from Cardinal Martino

CB at Killcastro has the latest concerning his visit and message. My only comment is that it's the same old stuff and it seems that the whole world has to change, but the evil dictator can remain the same.

Anyway, the Cardinal highlighted 4 points:

First, life must be protected from conception to its natural end. He emphasized the importance of the family in this area, and said that the family is the key to the future of humanity.
Second, hunger and poverty must be eliminated, and this requires effort on the part of wealthy countries, and honest and intelligent cooperation on the part of developing countries.
Third, peace must be attained through the attainment of justice, reconciliation, dialogue and an end of the arms race.
Fourth, freedom, especially religious freedom, the foundation of all other freedoms, must be granted to all men.


Anonymous said...

Cuba has consistantly failed these 4 important points for 47 years:
-The destruction of the family, removal of God from society, highest abortion rate in the world,no true religious freedom, poverty nver seen before in Cuba, and the lack of justice. So, what else do they need before they condemn this evil regime and idealogy?

El Cartagenero

tocororo_libre said...

I know a lot people don't agreed with me, but I think religion is another way to control society in general, a lot of those priest, and pastors in Cuba are a bunch of hipocrites,simpatizantes of the old bastard and they have the nerve to stand up in public and talk about christ with their packet fill with cash and a impeccable smile