Friday, September 07, 2007

rumor Friday.......

We still don't know if the apartheid dictator is really dead or not. Every Friday El Cafe Cubano will dish out the latest:

-The real reason the Adidas wearing dictator can not be seen in public is that he is now obsessed with wearing "I LOVE YOU MIAMI" and "I LOVE THE YANKEES" t-shirts. He is also prone at any time to sing GOD BLESS AMERICA. Mini-me chavez is furious!

-raulita has now decided against exile in italia due to color schemes, could not find the right place and was really frustrated so he went on a cleaning and organizing binge!

-Anita Snow is musing about REALLY telling the truth about Cuber instead of regurgitating the apartheid dictatorship news...just a rumor

-Dan Rather, bored in retirement, will now head the news department at Granma.

-the lawyer for the cuban father in the child custody case, is not worried about the fabricated letters, but real concerned about the photos of her not only kissing the dictator's cheek, but one photo of her kissing the dictator's as....(We will get to the butt of this story)

UNTIL NEXT Friday........


rolando said...


ha..ha.can't stop laughing. Keep the pressure on bro

Fantomas said...

Great job Alfredo, keep the pressure on