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"A ruse about Che hitting the U.S. airwaves targeting Latinos"

A ruse about Che hitting the U.S. airwaves targeting Latinos © 2007 ABIP
Commentary by Agustin Blazquez with the collaboration of Jaums Sutton

Fasten your seat belts! The latest installment of Che-junk will be broadcast soon, polluting the airways of America directed to the Latinos. That's all we need, to get the masses of Latinos in the U.S. all prey to that romantic and fake image of the notorious Argentinean criminal - known by his victims as "The Butcher of the Cabana" (a fortress made into a prison where Che executed many without trial).

For the largely ignorant masses in the U.S. and in Latin America, this mini-series is a charade designed to enlist more fools to the cult of the despicable Che. Unknown to most of them is that Che looked down on the natives of the Americas and Latinos. Involved in this travesty is National Geographic Adventure that developed this mini-series that will be broadcast on V-me by Public TV stations, cable and satellites providers.

According to the announcement below, "V-me is the national network partnered with Public TV, that entertains and educates America's Latino families in Spanish." So here you have it, you are financing with your taxes and donations, programming that, far from being educational, is misleading the Latino population in the U.S. and fostering admiration for a criminal that was an enemy of the U.S., of democracy and freedom.

This production is an effort to poison and brainwash the growing Latino population in the U.S.

In the many recent demonstrations lately of for Latino rights, while many are good and decent people, it was also easy to see the anti-U.S. tenor of many -- the flags and t-shirts with the face of Che. So many of them see Che as the hero and savior he wasn't.

This unfortunate broadcast will mislead and convert many to believers of the cult of Che and make more enemies from within - as if the U.S. needs more. This is a shameless ruse of National Geographic Adventure with the collaboration of Public-TV. Both should be better informed about history.
Chasing Che
Beginning September 4 a new adventure and discovery series provides a fresh look
at Che Guevara's Latin America
New York, NY--(HISPANIC PR WIRE - BUSINESS WIRE)--August 27, 2007--How are you changed by your travels and what footprints do you leave? For Ernesto Guevara, a legendary motorcycle trek across the back-roads of Latin America transformed a freewheeling youth into the controversial revolutionary the world came to know as "Che."
Chasing Che, a ten-week series making its US premiere on V-me Tuesday, September 4 at 4:00pm(ET)/1:00pm(PT) gives viewers a fresh and entertaining perspective on travel and history.
"With Chasing Che V-me fulfills its mission to U.S. Latinos - with innovative programming that reveals new perspectives and information"
More than 50 years after the journeys of Guevara and his friend, Alberto Granados, two young Latin Americans retrace their path. Over 13,000 kilometers through the same pampas, rivers and mountains, the adventurers begin a life-changing journey, following the route described in the book and film, The Motorcycle Diaries. As the two young riders compare the realities of present-day Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Venezuela to Che and Granado's observations a new South America will be reveled. How far has it come and where is it headed? With Chasing Che V-me fulfills its mission to U.S. Latinos - with innovative programming that reveals new perspectives and information. Developed by National Geographic Adventure, Chasing Che unleashes the spirited adventurer in all of us with exhilarating stories and stunning imagery. V-me is presented locally by public TV stations in many cities as a digital broadcast and on basic cable and nationally on DISH Network Ch 9414 and DISHLatino Ch 846. Check your local listings for more information. About V-me V-me is the national network partnered with Public TV, that entertains and educates America's Latino families in Spanish with a lively mix of original and exclusive programs including: kids, lifestyle, nature, science, history, current affairs, music, arts, and nightly movies. The 24-hour digital broadcast network is presented by public television stations and carried on basic digital cable and satellite. V-me is the first venture announced by newly formed media production and distribution company, V-me Media Inc. To find out more visit

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W T Fck? You have got to be kiddng me,which I know youre not.Dude this place is going downhll if they're putting losers like that on tv as a hero. What next?