Tuesday, November 06, 2007


After settling in late last night, I sat down to watch the tube and catch up on the latest news. I start to channel surf and I come across C-Span with Jose "can't you see that I am a communist" Serrano babbling on concerning Latin America. Now this is on the same day that Dr. Elias Biscet receives the Medal of Honor, yet NOT one mention of Dr. Biscet. He goes on defending Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia and other socialist countries. While speaking in a forked tongue, he continues his warped speech by using the oldest commie tactic in the world: class warfare! It's O.K to take away FREEDOMS, confiscate property, and imprison those who simply disagree just because of class warfare?

You go on to boast that you grew up in the projects in the Bronx and with that YOU are qualified and identify with Chavez, Castro and ALL Latin America. We don't give a shi.. where you come from, just like you don't give a shi.. about the Cuban people, those who have been executed by the apartheid dictatorship, those who have died crossing the straits of Florida. You referred to us in your speech as THOSE PEOPLE in South Florida. You give more respect to Castro and Chavez than your fellow Americans of Cuban descent!

ALL this on the same day that Biscet receives his Medal of Honor.

Mr. Serrano, why do you hate Cubans so much? How can you continually defend a dictatorship of 48 years?

I am baffled on how Serrano and others can blindly spew this nonsense without any facts or any recourse?

Or are they really blind?

Those blackmail videos must be really..........bad


Anonymous said...

Yeah not a peep out of all those castro lickers.....mmmmmm.... guess it doesnt fit their agenda. Where's the outrage from all of those who smoked cigars with fidel?Assholes. Hey jimmy peanut head and friends... What about Biscet? Viva Biscet! Viva Cuba Libre y Vida!

Anonymous said...


always targeting those who champion the rights of the poor and those of color..you and most illegal Cubans came over with a stash of cash. Give me a break,fredo

Anonymous said...

Yeah, right buckass.. where's mandela and jesse on Biscet? Seriously buck, are you really that stupid or is your self esteem so low that you have to come in here all the time to prove your stupidity? I feel sorry for you and your pig, well, he left you for the same reason. Grow up buck seriously you've done nothing here but prove your ignorance.

Anonymous said...

I think buck likes us Legal Cubans,he doesnt seem to go away.I think he's found a home of truth here.

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Why do you call yourself Buck? Maybe that's your daily spy salary. That class warfare crap sure doesn't pay well - unless you are a top guy like Fidel or Raul.