Saturday, November 17, 2007

Victims of communist apartheid Cuba!

Name: Víctor Rolando Arroyo Carmona

Age: 54

Sentence: 26 Years

Accusation: Accused of "undermining national independence and territorial integrity" for contributing to the Cubanet website and Radio Martí. He was also convicted for running an independent library containing over 5,000 books.

Name: Regis Iglesias Ramírez

Age: 38

Sentence: 18 Years

Accusation: Activist supporter of the Varela Project. Charged with “acts against the independence or the territorial integrity of the State.”

Name: Librado Linares García

Age: 47

Sentence: 20 Years

Accusation: Accused of organizing human rights activities such as meetings, lectures, and seminars.

Name: Dr. Marcelo Cano Rodríguez

Age: 42

Sentence: 18 Years

Accusation: Accused of maintaining ties with the international organization Doctors Without Borders. He was also accused of seeking support in the form of medicines, clothing, and books in order to “destabilize the Ministry of Public Health and to undermine the existing social system in Cuba.”

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