Friday, June 26, 2009

Concerning the Fast

Alfredo why are you still doing the fast? Does anyone really notice or care? YES!! Our creator notices and many in Cuba know that every Friday, a FAST is done in honor of those who are held as political prisoners in Cuba. Yes, I know their are those who Fast and who get ALL the publicity, like POOR Cocaine Morales on his hunger strike in Bolivia. C'mon folks this about FREEDOM for Cuba and after 50 years we know anything that deals with true FREEDOM for Cuba is totally ignored by the media and the world.

Get this straight, I don't want any publicity, only the truth about those who suffer in Cuba under a brutal dictatorship.

Will YOU join the FAST? Spread the word my FREEDOM loving brethren!!!


Anonymous said...

What about Michael Jackson??? No one seems to give a crap about your stupid fast!

Anonymous said...

Nobody cares but us Alfredo. Let them be. We are alone and alone we must solve it