Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lets Go To Bed:Foreign correspondents covering Cuba

51 years of abuse of power, executions, political prisoners, millions in exile, and the lack of FREEDOM in Cuba and NOW....The Foreign correspondents have admitted that they don't tell the real truth concerning Cuba because they were afraid of being kicked out! Thanks for sticking to your journalistic principles of finding the truth. So...basically you went to BED with the Cuban government solely to save your JOB, but you really could care less about the Cuban people?

Cubans in exile and on the island have been saying this for years, but quickly were typecasted with many labels and with very vulgar insults, YET WE HAVE BEEN TELLING THE TRUTH ALL ALONG!

So FUC. YOU to all those who looked the other way!!!

I have the video and the song above dedicated to those who decided to remain Cuba and not report the truth! I can imagine all those years journalist siding with the Cuban dictatorship humming this tune:

"but i don't care if you don't
and i don't feel if you don't
and i don't want it if you don't
and i won't say it
if you don't say it first

doo doo doo doo
let's go to bed!
doo doo doo doo
let's go to bed!"


Anonymous said...

Lucia Newman comes to mind!

Dan Rather said...

I for sure have looked the other way concerning Fidel Castro's barbaric ways.