Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mr. Camisa Roja

Remember the "kumbaya concert" held in Cuba by Juanes? Nothing changed in Cuba...raulita continued his "raulitalization" of Cuba by beating up ladies simply for marching for peace and for the release of the political prisoners in Cuba! Remember the continued use of the word "paz" during the concert, but the thug dictatorship purposely lets Orlando Zapata Tamayo die in a hunger strike??

Now let's fast forward and now Juanes has signed a letter written by Danny "lisp" Glover in which they want the release of the Cuban five...who are SPIES !!!!
Again the Cuban people betrayed!!!!!!!!!!
Babalu also has an article concerning Juanes!
Juanes Disclaimer****** This blog is by no means meant to be political in any way, even though this blog is fiercly anti-communist, anti-castro, PRO DEMOCRACY, and PRO FREEDOM. I REPEAT this blog is not to be taken as political and is to be taken as a symbol of peace.


Anonymous said...

Move to Cuba Danny! What are you doing here? Go to Cuba! See if you can make the money you make here with your "Talent". Useful Idiot.

Anonymous said...

juanes es un comemierda!

Anonymous said...

Juanes disclaimer-LOL