Sunday, October 30, 2011

The story behind the story on the Washington Post and Manuel Roig-Franzia

On October 28th, the Ombudsman, Patrick B. Pexton, writes an article that what goes behind a good news story is dogged research of Manuel " I hate Cuban Exiles" and a concentrate on a biography of Marco Rubio.

Whoa Nellie....let's take a step back here......Who is this Manuel "I hate Cuban Exiles-Catholics" Roig-Franzia?

Well for starters he has ALWAYS been sympathic(communist leanings) and always writes gleefully for the two dictators in the above picture. He also has a disdain for the Catholic Church(Probably not for Cardinal Ortega)! manolito is from Spain, he has no clue about the Cuban experience(before I get hate mail, my grandfather was from Spain and immigrated to Cuba.....don't ask me the date, because I can't tell you, because he is dead). You can't research the Cuban experience at the Library of Congress looking at micro-film!  The pain of exiles and their children HAVE TO BE EXPERIENCED ON A DAILY BASIS to have an inkling of an understanding of what SUFFERING the castro dictatorship has brought on to the Cuban people.

Manolito, are you doing Fidel's dirty work? Are you soooo afraid of an AMERICAN, who happens to be of Cuban background, might some day be Vice President or President?

Let the American people decide by voting at the ballot box....

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