Sunday, October 02, 2011

'Univision network vs. Marco Rubio in war over report"

Univision aired  on the show called "Al Punto" hosted by Jorge "anus" Ramos, a decades old story about Marco Rubio's brother-in-law. His brother-in-law was arrested in 1987 "coke-and-pot ring." Mr. Rubio was 16 at the time. Now days before Univison was to air this story, it has been alleged that Univison contacted the Rubio camp, and said if Mr. Rubio would come on the show "Al Punto" they would NOT run the story on his brother-in-law.

Hmmmm.....doesn't this soumd like blackmail?

Jorge "anus" Ramos is A STAUNCH SUPPORTER of the "DREAM ACT" which gives amnesty to illegal immigrants or "undocumented" as the term Univision uses. Marco Rubio opposes the "DREAM ACT" and I believe THEIR is the conflict.

I am sure....let's say if Marco Rubio were not Cuban-American, but the same background as  "anus" you think this would be happening?

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